[COSRX] Galactomyces 95 Tone Balancing Essence


Multi – acting enhancer for dull, rough skin !

Formulated with 95% Galactomyces Ferment Filtrate, this essence helps nourish and hydrate the skin, and over time making it appears more radiant and clear.

Hypoallergenic, Dermatologist tested, Cruelty FREE, Parabens FREE, Sulfates FREE, Phthalates FREE

How to Use

1. After cleansing and toning, apply a small amount on your entire face.

2. Gently pat using fingertips to aid absorption, and then go forth with your moisturizers.


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[COSRX] Galactomyces 95 Tone Balancing Essence

Powered by niacinamide and 95% concentrate of galactomyces ferment filtrate, a by-product of fermented yeast that helps nourish and revitalize skin from skin, resulting in clearer, radiant and hydrated skin, with less visible fine lines and refined skin texture. Apply on cleansed and toned skin.

Brightening & Hydrating for dull and dehydrated skin

Galactomyces ferment filtate is the key ingredient that helps brightening tired and dull looking skin while delivering hydration and antioxidants to the skin.

Adds extra moisture to your skin

Hyaluronic acid and panthenol also maintain the skin hydrated and smooth by holding moisture inside the skin.

Light liquid type easily absorbed into the skin

The lightweight serum texture absorbs quickly into the skin, leaving the skin smooth and supple without feeling greasy.